How does it work for publishers?

One click publishing
Your content on mobile and social networks
Readers and advertisers are shifting from print to online, mobile and now to tablets and Facebook. The key is to adapt and repurpose your print content quickly, as well as your website content, to expand your distribution channels and generate new revenue streams.

Paperlit is the easy, fast and cost effective way to automatically publish your content to mobile device and on the web. We offer a completely automatic and fully managed service so you can focus on your publication while we focus on its distribution to mobile and web readers.
Full control of your business
Paperlit offers a service that allows to have full control of your business.

No "virtual newsstands": we respect the publishers' brands and let you manage the relationship with your readers directly.

No revenue share on content sales or adv sales.

Full control of your business
Flexible Offer
Flexible Offer
You can take advantage of a range of different business models when publishing your newspaper, magazine or catalog.

You can choose a free application. You can sell your application for a one time payment. You sell your content for a one time payment or on a suscription basis.

Paperlit easily integrates with your sales and subscription management system with a simple API.
Reliable Service
The Paperlit service is completely managed and runs on Azure's cloud to offer you peace of mind and 99,99% uptime guarantee.

When you upload your newspaper or magazine, we'll automatically make copies of it across 15 key locations around the world on a global content delivery network (CDN) that spans North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The result is content that's always ready and always fast.
Global Content Delivery Network
Global Content Delivery Network

Customized Interface & Features
We deal with Apple's, Android's and Facebook's certification process to publish your very own application, fully customized, ready for hundreds of millions readers.

The entire user interface can be modified with your brand, logo and colors. We can also publish your customized web digital edition under your own URL.
Effective Analytics
Our smartphones, tablets and Facebook clients are fully integrated with industry standard analytics tools that will give you a rich insight into your traffic; a mandatory prerequisite to achieving an effective knowledge and management of your readers base.
Google Analytics Product Tour
Track your content usage with Google Analytics, Flurry and Facebook Insights.
Actionable Advertising
Actionable Advertising
When you upload your publication to Paperlit we automatically scan and analyze all text and images in it and make every ad instantly actionable.

You can check out a web site right from your mobile by clicking the URL on the page. Tap a phone number and give the advertiser a call. See an email address? Tap it to send a message.
Great Customer Support
Personalized support comes with all our plans. If you have a question, give us a call or send an email and we'll get right back to you. We also have a support site where you can find commonly asked questions, etc. We do not outsource our tech support or hide behind an automated call center. We take our business to hearth and thrive on happy customers. If you need something or have a suggestion, just get in touch.