• Multi platform Apps
• One step publishing and streamlined workflow
• Experienced guidance in the complex App environment
• Social media integration and marketing tools
• Upload interactive files directly from your publishing suite
• Easy to read dashboard for cross platform KPI analytics
• Transparent pricing: no download fees, no revenue sharing
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Helping publishers succeed on mobile!

Interactive Publishing
Distribute your interactive edition inside your cross platform app.
Now you can choose between interactive edition and digital replica, using the same platform and even in the same App, at a fraction of the cost compared to other platforms.
Don't let your technological platform dictate your editorial strategy.
No plug-ins necessary. License fees are based on active users and NOT on downloads.
Keep it Simple
Avoid extra workflow and extra human resources.
Today more than ever, "keep it simple" is our mantra.
A lot of our development efforts are focused on making self publishing easier and more efficient.
In addition, we take care of complex problems with personal customer care so our publishers can concentrate on their business and we take care of the rest.
Paperlit 360
Take advantage of our technical and marketing tools to simplify your job.
Analytics, social media marketing, coupon management, multi-platform Apps and subscriber management are all fundamental parts of the complex process a publisher faces in digital publishing.
We simplify this process where these easy to manage tools and features work together in perfect harmony.
Selected Customers Showcase
Editorial groups, large and small, are trusting Paperlit to go digital. We look forward to working with you too.